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Why James?

I set out to make the process smooth and easy to understand for my clients.

I listen to my client and work out exactly what type of loan will ultimately be best for their circumstances and peace of mind. I offer suitable features and put together the most financially viable proposal for them.

I see my job very much as taking control of my clients’ financial situation and helping to educate them as they grow financially.

Sometimes a client may be in a position of considerable debt, and we still work towards structuring timeframes and repayments, enabling them to achieve what they need to.

Once we’ve agreed on a financial plan, I really start work for them – liaising with real estate agents, conveyancers, banks , financial institutions and pest and building inspectors. I make sure everyone knows specific dates, deposits and what they have to do to make things happen for settlement.

I have a strategic team to call on – all experts in their field whom I have worked with for a number of years: Real Estate Agents, Financial Planners, Book Keepers, Accountants, Building and Pest Inspectors and Property Investment Firms.

“My business has been solely built on word of mouth referrals …..”


Why Select Home Loans?

There is a huge amount of confusion and frustration from clients trying to find the right loan and repayments for their needs, and their circumstances – and everyone is different.

There is a vast and sometimes overwhelming range of products and options available, so that the process of arranging a loan can be frequently misunderstood.

Without the right expertise, a client can undergo a number of hurdles; sometimes there is insufficient contact or information from lenders, conveyancers or their offices; some aspects may be neglected or overlooked or actions may not be taken on time. This can lead to frustration, protracted negotiations and last minute glitches. It can even lead to costing thousands of dollars if settlement is not made.

I especially wanted to help individuals and couples understand the process as they made their first investment, or maybe they’re further expanding their property portfolio. I like to explain the whole process clearly and structure their financial arrangements so that they specifically meet my clients’ needs.

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